Who We Are

Joey Shaw: Custom Home Designer
Joey Shaw

A native Oregonian who spent most of his childhood in Alaska, Joey has a passion for the outdoors and everything Central Oregon has to offer. Joey took drafting in high school and decided on a teacher's recommendation to take classes based on his natural talents. Joey went to school in Portland, Oregon, where he also started his professional career. He moved to Bend over a decade ago where he and his wife are raising three children. Since 2007, Joey has been a volunteer for the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue.

With over 20 years in the design field, Joey continues to listen to his clients in order to incorporate their requirements, desires, and his own design flair into each and every unique project. From designing a new home to building a physical model of a home, Joey’s fine eye for detail will help you create the home your dream home.

Joey's hobbies include snowmobiling, dirt biking, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, tracking for SAR, kids, and family.

Becky Shaw: Landscape Designer
Becky Shaw

Becky is a fifth generation Central Oregonian. Becky's career began in architectural design. After six years of drafting experience, she went back to school to study landscape design and management as well as horticulture. She was able to combine her existing knowledge to become an award winning designer.

With nearly ten years in the construction management field Becky is able to take clients from concept to installation, helping guide your contractor through crucial site changes to maintain the original intent of the design. Becky has volunteered for Deschutes County SAR since 2007 and currently sits on the board of directors forthe Central Oregon Avalanche Association.

Becky's hobbies include snowmobiling, camping, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, gardening, tracking for SAR, kids, family, and volunteering at kids schools.