Home design & Landscape design services

Home and Landscape Design Package
Custom Home and Land
We provide you with a holistic approach to your project, giving you a more complete home that works alongside your landscape.
We consider how you will use your spaces, making sure the inside and outside work together, maximizing your livable space, reducing construction surprises, and using design themes from the structure to the hardscapes and complimenting features.
We listen to our clients to ensure we give them what they're looking for and give them pieces they could never live without!
We combine our separate services and work with you on all stages of design.
Custom Home Design

Our signature process guides our clients through what it takes to create the custom home that fits their lifestyle. We feature a step by step partnership that…

Understands Your Vision

Our designs are inspired by the character of your property and your personal vision. This is what custom home design is all about.

Site Study
We take the time to walk your property in search of finding the best views, relevant topography features, and screening points. We note unique and innovative suggestions while surveying your site.
Schematic Design
Putting pencil to paper, we sketch out ideas, discussing conceptual options and cycling through all variables in seasoning your vision.
Design Development
We enhance the chosen options through research, alterations and models to ensure the vision is realized.
Construction Drawings
Your vision becomes your reality as we organically allow this process come to fruition. We discuss and present you with plans for your home. Our attention to detail is what separates us form our competition.
Custom Landscape Design

Our inspiration and expertise comes from years of experience in celebrating the Central Oregon experience. We focus on creating spaces that are beautiful, creative and sustainable. We thrive on understanding your vision on custom landscape design. We are known for creating spaces you like to look at from the inside out!

Interview & Site Evaluation
We walk and talk through your site, photograph key points, measure and note features to create a working base that will become the basis of your custom landscape design.
We meet with you to go over our preliminary landscape design plan, finalize ideas together in the field, go over long term ideas, phasing, budgets, and more!
We meet to go over the final landscape design which becomes a legal document between you and your contractor.
Contractor Selection
Upon request we can assist you in choosing the right contractor for your project.
Construction Oversight
Upon request we can be on site as much as you would like during the installation process to make sure all of those topics we discussed in the beginning are being completed.
Onsite Curb Appeal Consultations

Homeland Design, llc offers three hour consultations to give you the inspiration you need to bring love back to your home and landscape. We offer sound advice to help bring your vision to life. From soil preparation, irrigation layout, hardscape use, raised beds, home finishes, plant suggestions, maintenance practices, and pruning 101 – we leave you with ideas that will turn your space into a work of art!