Landscape & Home Design Testimonials

Rendered Graphic of Home

We were introduced to Joey Shaw of Homeland Design LLC by our builder Bob Schumacher of Schumacher Construction in July 2011. At the time our plan was to build a 4,000 square foot house in the Tetherow area in Bend. Joey emailed us a series of ideas/plans and after going back and forth a few times we settled on a first draft of a one level house with a view. We visited Bend and decided that we wanted to have some acreage and bought a lot in The Highlands at Broken Top (adjacent to Tetherow). With this larger building envelope Joey was able to design the house of our dreams. We had heard from many of our friends that designing and building a house can be a nightmare. This definitely was not the case with Joey and Bob and we would build another house in a heart beat with the same team. Joey was wonderful to deal with. No changes or additions were ever too much. His ideas and attention to details were very much appreciated. Thanks to Joey's computer skills we were able to enter his "portal" and actually be in his drawing while making changes to the design: this was especially important for us as we were not living in Oregon while the house was being designed and built. It also saved us valuable time in getting the house framed and closed in before the winter weather arrived. Joey also put the house design on Google Earth and as such we were able to virtually walk through the house and experience the views from the great room towards the mountains.

After working for a short time with Joey we also got to know his wife Becky and decided to hire her for the design of our landscaping. As it turns out this was a win win situation for both parties as the house and landscaping design go hand in hand. Becky did a fabulous job of laying out the 1 1/2 acre area including a large pond with a creek, a fire-pit and a solar panel garden.

Joey and Becky were very knowledgable of the Design Guidelines at The Highlands of Broken Top, which was of tremendous value in the design review process. They hand-delivered all drawings to the Design Review Board (DRB), and at all times kept the DRB informed of the design process: because of this, our plans required very few changes and passed the DRB with flying colors.

We can strongly recommend Homeland Design LLC to anyone and would be happy to answer any questions.

Werner & Susan Zehnder

Hi Joey and Becky
We are very pleased to share our experience working with Homeland Design. Our experience was somewhat unique in that the design relationship was geographically challenged. After coming to Bend to interview designers it was evident from the first meeting that Mr. Shaw intuitively understood our needs and desires. The challenge came over the following months while we sat in front of a computer in Ohio and Mr. Shaw and our builder sat in front of a computer in Oregon

Mr. Shaw's professionalism, design inspiration, effective communication, and patience culminated in a home design that not only met all our needs but also incorporated all our desires, while still being cognizant of our budget. We were particularly impressed by Mr. Shaw's attention to detail. Once completed, there was not one design change we would have made - either inside or outside. Our home is visually appealling from any angle outside or any corner inside. Additionally, once completed, Becky worked with us to provide a professional landscaping plan that took into consideration our preferences while ensuring our choices complemented our home design.

We would not hesitate to recommend either Joey or Becky to anyone undertaking the process of building a new home!

Take care,
Denise & Bob

To anyone in need of custom home or landscape design:
Several years ago, while living in Arizona, my wife and I bought property in Bend with the intention of building a new home. As my retirement approached, we began looking for a designer or architect to design, and prepare a set of plans of our Oregon home. During this phase of the project, we met with 4-5 designers/architects, but for various reasons we were not completely satisfied. Our home builder, Sun Forest Construction, one of the premier home builders in Oregon, recommended Mr. Joey Shaw. After spending a good deal of time with Mr. Shaw, conveying our concept and desires of our new home, we came away impressed with his knowledge of home styles, his knowledge of the many choices in building materials, and his knowledge of the engineering aspect of building a house. It was an easy decision choosing Mr. Shaw to build our "dream" home. During the entire process, Mr. Shaw worked with us in a straight forward, fun, and professional manner which resulted in a Plan that incorporated not only all of our ideas, but also included many concepts that immensely improved our original ideas. In addition, during the actual construction of a new home, it's not surprising to have changes occur. Mr. Shaw's abilities were highly exhibited during these occurrences. He met these challenges in a most timely manner that more than satisfied us, and more importantly, the Builder. Lastly, should we ever build another home in Oregon;Mr. Shaw would be the Designer we would choose, without hesitation.

We will always be grateful for what Mr. Shaw did for us!

Beau and Jane Johnson

Dear Joey and Becky
Our new home is finally ready for the big move. We plan to be in by the middle of January. It was certainly a pleasure working with both of you. The finished product was everything we hoped it would be. Your attention to detail and your cooperative spirit made the planning and design phase of our home the easiest part of the whole experience. Becky, since we were caught by the adverse winter weather we will have to wait for the blooms in the spring. Jerrie and I wish you much good luck in the formation of your new company. It really wasn't a big surprise. You will do well.

Our congratulations to you both.

Jack C. Anderson and Jerrie W. Anderson